Yes, all events are tailored to budget and taste.

No, we can provide for the whole event - menu- chefs- waiting staff- crockery and cutlery- napkins and linens.

No, we cater nationwide, from Scotland right down to Cornwall.

We can, although this would lack the theatre of the BBQ,  freshness of the food and limit menu options.

We BBQ all year round, we have a winter menu and warm hats.

We provide a menu based around the grill, although our chefs are happy to tailor a menu for any event, so always worth asking.

We can provide a licensed, fully stocked, manned bar service.

We can and we have, if down to faith we can source a butcher that provides for this, if down to preference we offer a complete vegetarian menu, all dietary needs are catered for.

We can offer a rustic, help-yourself service, all the way up to a fine dining plated service.


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